Mental Resilience — we’re not designed to bounce back

Who here hasn’t considered how resilient they’ve been over the past year? Resilience was a buzzword in corporate and freelance circles before Covid-19 — over the past year it’s been applied to all from kids to those in care homes.

But how would you feel if I told you that most of what you’ve been told about resilience was false.

Resilience, a snapshot of a dictionary definition.
Resilience, a snapshot of a dictionary definition.

Let me share a truth with you -resilience is not bouncing back.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking what is it then?

We’ve been trained to think that if we’re…

Rosie is our second, much wanted, daughter. She just happens to have a bonus chromosome.

This is my story of the pregnancy and birth, and a tale of how a diagnosis is just one part of my daughter.

Rosie at 2


Having had quite a few miscarriages, a ‘normal’ 12 week scan was a huge milestone. My husband and I weren’t all that concerned when the screening results for Downs Syndrome came back as 1 in 120 — I was still pregnant, that was all that mattered.

Pete and I had discussed in advance what we would do if we had a baby…

Helen Diplock

Web designer & founder of Down’s Syndrome Advocate. Tea and cake lover.

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