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  • Marta Calderon, MScE

    Marta Calderon, MScE

    After retirement, Marta dedicates all her free time to write short stories.

  • Dusan Sichrovsky

    Dusan Sichrovsky

    ceo of an agile sw development company located in Slovakia. 10+ yrs in sw dev & pm with passion for architecture and coding | d.sichrovsky@adus-technologies.com

  • Donna L Roberts, PhD (Psych Pstuff)

    Donna L Roberts, PhD (Psych Pstuff)

    Writer and university professor researching media psych, generational studies, human and animal rights, and the intersection of art and psychology

  • Kristen Abram

    Kristen Abram

    Mom. Wife. Certified Master Life Coach. Freelance Writer.

  • Andy Cooke

    Andy Cooke

    Creative Director

  • Shelly Fagan

    Shelly Fagan

    Complicated subjects accessible. Politics, Basic Income, Philosophy. I follow back. Ghostwriter. https://tiny.cc/Dimensional

  • Rose Ernst

    Rose Ernst

    Academic editor and writing consultant. Former tenured professor and chair of political science. Happy fiction author. Find her at roseernst.net.

  • Jagannil Banerjee

    Jagannil Banerjee

    Student | Working @ bettering my Content Writing | Infotainment | Politics| Opinions on Science | Fiction and more...

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